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Jim Drew  From 1978 until well after the death of Commodore, Jim has been spent a large part of his life creating software and hardware for the masses.  With more than 60 commercial hardware and software releases for the Commodore 64 and Amiga computers, Jim’s long list of accomplishments has made him a respected figure in history of Commodore computing. Focusing on tape duplication in the days of the PET2001 and evolving to disk duplication, Jim’s goal has been to create products that are simple enough to use, yet powerful enough to not be outdated by the time it was released. Creating things that people say can not be done has always been one of Jim’s biggest motivations for new product development.  Making the world’s first color Macintosh and world’s first Pentium emulations are a good examples of this. Deliberately controversial (a marketing ploy), yet approachable, Jim is always willing to help others in their endeavors and enjoys sharing his knowledge. Jim has worked with everyone from NASA, to special effects studios, to name brand directors/producers like James Cameron - where Jim created the ROV control system for Cameron’s historic Marianna Trench dive.  When there is a problem, people come to Jim for the solution. “If you believe that something is impossible, then it surely will be.” - Jim Drew