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SuperCard Pro The long awaited successor to the famous Supercard series released by Utilities Unlimited is here!  This device lets you duplicate 8”, 5.25”, 3.5”, and even 3” floppy disks.  This device can also can make image files for storage.  With it’s 25ns flux capture resolution, SuperCard Pro offers nearly double the resolution of other flux copiers! With it’s easy to use software, you don’t have to be a computer wiz or deal with command line interfaces!  Simply select the type of disk you want to backup and press START!

SuperCard Pro - A Success!

We are now getting ready for our 6th full production run!  Boards have shipped to 43 different countries! Thank you all for your support! Special thanks go out to the beta testers, and all of those that helped make this product such a success! The SuperCard Pro comes with disk copier/imager software and an incredibly powerful disk format analyzer that allows you to duplicate virtually any disk format.

WiModem232 Now Shipping!

After a lengthy testing period the

WiModem232 is now available!  This

device gives any computer with a RS-

232 interface Internet connectivity,

letting you “dial up” BBS’s like you did

back in the day!

There are two versions offered, one with and without a OLED screen. Works with Amiga, Atari ST, Atari 8 bit, Tandy 100/102, Apple ][, and many other computers!
SuperCard Pro Disk Analyzer
The 11th annual CommVex has come and gone!  It was yet another great event with new and old faces.  Bill Herd gave a history of the C128 and TED, and Leonard Tramiel talk about his famous father, Jack.  Plenty of demos and good times!  Next year’s date has already been set with more than double the space!  Click the picture below fors more info! CBMSTUFF IS AN OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF CommVEx 2016!
CommVEx 2016
Stay tuned for new information  about upcoming CBMSTUFF  products!